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Cleaning services remove the scale (dark brown or black-colored flaky material often observed on the surface of a part when exposed to high heat) of the metal. Scale is more than just unsightly and if it isn’t removed can flake off during machining, which can wear out or damage tools and increase the risk of surface defects on the finished part.

Vapor Blasting
Vapor blasting (also known as wet blasting) is a non-aggressive cleaning process that is used to remove contaminants like scale, rust, dirt, and old paint. This process is used for more gentle cleaning to reduce surface deformation, and acts as a flushing agent to provide a high-quality finish.

Shot Blasting
Shot blasting is an abrasive blasting cleaning process that is used to clean off contaminants like scale, rust, dirt, and oil. This process is used for larger and more difficult objects to smooth the surface or prepare metal parts for further processing like painting or powder coating. This process is necessary to ensure the coat adheres properly to the part

Tri-City Heat Treat installed a new Rotary Blaster to our Cleaning/Blasting Department. The addition of a 48" Rotary Blast machine allows us to handle and turn machined parts in a timely manner. The new blaster has variable settings to control shot pressure for more effective cleaning without the risk of damage from over blasting.

Managing heat treat scale is an important aspect of the industry. We are able to handle a variety of parts to meet our customer’s cleaning needs and can help you make an appropriate and economic decision to manage risk in heat treating.

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