ISO 9001:2008 STANDARD



Below is a link for our Certificate of Registration

Currently in the business world, there is a worldwide trend toward more stringent customer expectations with regard to quality.  Accompanying this trend is the realization that continual improvements in quality are necessary to achieve business success.


     ISO- The International Organization for Standardization is the international agency responsible for setting quality standards.  The standards provide a set of requirements for a companys quality assurance system.  A quality assurance system includes a companys organization, resources, policies, and procedures for meeting customer requirements.  Any company that is ISO certified indicates that the company has a basic quality assurance system in place.


     Tri-City Heat Treat is currently ISO 9001 certified.  As part of keeping this certification, an outside agency audits our company to verify we are following the policies and procedures we have set in place through our quality assurance system.  Filling out paperwork correctly and completely, following the procedures associated with jobs, and having our employees be committed to the policies and objectives the company has set forth are a requirement for continued employment at Tri-City Heat Treat.  Any deviation from these procedures without the authorization from a supervisor or manager will result in disciplinary action taken against an employee.  It takes every owner, manager, supervisor, and employee following our quality assurance system to maintain our ISO certification.